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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Old Skool Technology (Ellison Die Cut)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

So I was helping Liz out at her work (she is a public school teacher) and when she asked if I could assist her in making some die cuts of letters, I stood there with my eyebrows raised trying to decipher her cyptic speech. Seeing that I did not follow her train of thought, she told me to go upstairs to and take a look at their Ellison Die Cut Machines. Awaiting upstairs was an archaic levered machine that I had never met. Seeing that there was no Cat5 cable plugged in the back, or power source, I used my incredible brain power to deduce that this machine was hand operated. The picture above is the machine that is basically a large press that appplies force downward when the handle is pulled down. Now let's move onto the next picture.

The woodblock on the left has a design (not unlike a cookie cutter shape) and is encased in rubber foam. Paper is put under the rubber foam and when pushed down by the lever, pressure is applied, pushing the metal insert (think cookie cutter) past the rubber foam and onto your piece of paper under the woodblock.

Make sure the woodblock is facing the rubber foam side down and the woodgrain on the top.

Pump the lever up and down a few times to press the woodblock onto the paper 'cutting' the print out onto the paper. If the paper is more than 1 sheet thick, apply more pumps to the lever.

Look Ma! I got me some shamrocks! Not exactly on par with lazer cuts now but then again most schools won't drop big bucks for something like that. These machines seem to get the work done and damn, I had a good time making turkey, shamrock and snowmen cuts.


posted by aL, 6:10 PM


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commented by Blogger aL, 8:46 PM  
I am interested in purchasing an ellison machine, but need a pricelist. Can you help me?

Cynthia Stake
954 943-7776
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