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You Look Like I Need a Drink

**Not Quite Web 2.0**

In Google We Trust (Right??)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Blind trust is something you should not have when it comes to hardware/software companies or anything in general. I love my 3rd generation iPod but I am kicking myself for not having to wait another 5 months so that my battery life would be improved (now I can only listen to it in the car while charging).

For search engines, I do swear by Google, which is something many people do. With them branching out to other services like gmail, maps, messengers, web accelerators (and Blogger).

I have to say that they are trying to become a one-stop shop on the net. This means that if you use their services regularly, although free, they are building up information about your browsing habits, where you like to go on the net and *ping, your IP address. This is not innovating or new but how much anonymity are you willing to have now? Gmail service so far is great (although I hear that the next Yahoo email is one step up on Google), but did you know that Google pulls words from your emails and bases the ads on the page from YOUR emails? And if you have a Google toolbar, you can erase your search history BUT if you are logged onto your Gmail account and do a search in another tab/window or fail to logout, all of those searches for dirty butt pr0n will show up under your next search when logged onto your Gmail. Fishy if you ask me.

Now with their release of Google Secure Access Installer, Google claims that all of your wifi traffic will be encrypted, sent to their servers which will give you the what you are looking for and then encrypted and sent back. I have downloaded it and use my laptop wirelessly more often than not, but I think I will sit and wait a few weeks until I hear a little more about this aplication. If you don't remember what a disaster their Web Accelerator was consider yourself lucky. If you get one thing from this article, get that just because you hear a familiar name or a name everyone trusts, don't blindly be a lemming too. Think for yourself and decide whether or not something is good based on your needs and not what everyone else thinks.


posted by aL, 11:55 AM


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