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You Look Like I Need a Drink

**Not Quite Web 2.0**

Check Your Certifications (digg.com is hiring)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Like thousands of others, I am addicted to digg.com. It seems that because of their rapid growth, they are now expanding their staff. Here are some of the necessary qualifications needed to apply.

'Title: MySQL DBA
Location: San Francisco, CA
Type: Full-time

* 4+ years experience in MYSQL on a high load/volume website
* Advanced knowledge of database design and SQL
* Administering of InnoDB and MyISAM table types
* Experience with MYSQL replication
* Experience with multi-master clustering (HA) a plus
* Experience with MYSQL performance tuning and optimization. (query optimization, index tuning, caching and buffer tuning)
* Experience with backup and recovery process
* Strong knowledge of Linux
* Knowledge/experience creating automated reports using python/perl/php a plus
* Strong knowledge of Apache a plus
* BS/MS in Computer Science or related field'

For the full detailed list including contact information, go here


posted by aL, 9:34 PM


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