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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Broads Who Talk Too Much...

Friday, September 16, 2005

Before I alienate all one or two of my female readers, this also applies to guys who have diarrhea of the mouth. Back when I was living in Hawaii, my mom had a friend over for dinner every so often (whom shall be referred to as C). This lady was about 10 years older than me and in some way not a blood relative but a family friend. I don't know how your family eats dinner but in my Chinese family, we eat and then get the fuck on with whatever we need to do. Some polite chatter is always present, but not a necessity.

I recall one night when C came over for dinner. After the food was served, we all began to eat except for C. She started talking about how she liked the buses in Hawaii except that certain ones had certain problems. I promptly tuned her out and started eating my dumplings. Five minutes later, I looked up and realized that my mom had a sour expression because she was forced to engage in conversation with C (because the rest of us didn't bother paying attention and were busy stuffing our mouths). Anyway C went on to how she liked the designs of the new bus passes and seriously would not shut the hell up. Much later, I found out that my mom had that look on her face because she wanted to eat and was unable to because C was talking so much.

When I left the island, I thought I would only maybe have to deal with C when I went back to Hawaii on holidays but much to my dismay, my mother told me that C will be visiting an uncle in the DC area later this month. C has already called me twice and I have luckily chosen to not answer her. Both times, the messages have been about 3 minutes long which could have been easily whittled down to 30 seconds of actual information (not unlike this post). I was thinking maybe if she were a little more pleasing to the eye, I might consider calling her back right away and then decided she could be hot as balls and I would still not call her just because of her incredibly irritating personality. I do feel a little bad but damn, some people need to learn to shut the fuck up once in awhile.


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