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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Bordello Kind of Guy

Saturday, September 10, 2005

I just realized that I have not posted much about music lately. I also have not been to a show recently but that has more to do about saving up on the funds as well as not having the desire to see any of the bands that have come through. I have caught wind however, that a number of bands will be playing a free concert on the Mall at the Nation's Capital at the end of the month which includes a few acts such as The Bouncing Souls and Anti-Flag so I will be attending that. Besides, who can argue with free?

Gogol Bodello is featured today. Hailing from New York City, the kings of their self created genre of 'gypsy punk,' are now getting more exposure by playing on the Warped Tour. Immigrants from Russia and Eastern Europe, they have created a blend of gypsy bohemian culture to punk music forming a unique sound that is catchy, loud and surreal. In some ways it's like listening to Serj(from System of a Down) belt out musings if he were in love with the color purple. Outfitted with the usual instruments and combined with an accordian, back up Asian women that bang on drums and have cues to scream and fall backward, it is almost a production of some strange European circus act. Strangely enough the music works well, and is like a foreign (but not so foreign it is unacceptable) treat to the ears. Even to those who do not particularly favor punk music, Gogol Bordello is a band that might just change your opinion. Give them a listen and if you are lucky enough, go see them live.


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