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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Sleep Deprived Car Accidents...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

So I have been doing one hell of a commute. Roughly 2 and a half hours everyday. On my way into work (at 2AM), I have recently been having the problem of getting to the point that I feel it might not be so bad to nod off while at the steering wheel. I guess it also does not help that I only listen to classical music at that time of the night. Yeah, go ahead and call me a pussy but shit, I can't listen to the adicts all the time. Anyway, I have also been quite into getting my daily feed of tech news through podcasts and since I have such a fucking car ride, I can usually get quite amount of content covered which is actually nice (as opposed to breaking up the podcasts for shorter rides). I have been listening to twit.tv/ as well as revision3.com/diggnation. BUT my new favorite podcast--err sorry guys, radio show is Infonomicon Media. Those fuckers are funny as hell. Here is the link for the index of his shows. Hopefully, these will keep my from falling asleep and fatally wrapping my Chinese head around a curb off the freeway at 3 in the morning. If not, at least I will die listening to stuff I find amusing and interesting.


posted by aL, 2:51 PM


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