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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Rise Against @ 9:30 Club (to them these streets belong)

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The delay in posts is due to my lack of sleep and also for a rude awakening straight to the 9:30 club(in DC) to see the Rise Against show.
We got to the 9:30 club around 6:45 and were promptly ushered in right at 7PM. The multi-tiered venue was a welcome change from the shithole sister-club in Baltimore called Sonar. I got my drink on at the bottom bar and worked my way to the uppermost deck where there was a wonderful view of the stage set back a couple hundred feet (and conveniently also another of the many bars). After a few Jack Daniels on the rocks, The Loved Ones went on stage and did a great set (they were not so drunk this time). The crowd was into it but because of the next 2 bands, a fair amount of the crowd consisted of hardcore kiddies. Liz was the only one I saw that was wearing an old Clash T-shirt. I did manage to speak to a guy wearing a Minor Threat shirt but mostly drowned in From Autumn to Ashes shirts, a bunch of Strike Anywhere and also a handful of newer band shirts. Ok, enough with the crowd. After The Loved Ones did a good 30 minute set, Comeback Kid stormed on stage and appeased their audience. Personally, I wasn't so much into them and spent their 30 minutes on stage drunk-text messaging my friend Nell in Seattle to pass the time. Apparently she rides the bus, but that is neither here nor there. Sorry for the post-drunken rambling. From Autumn to Ashes followed with a good dose of hardcore and actually sounded pretty decent. In one sentence, Rise Against put on one of the best live shows, as well as one of the longest sets intertwining songs from their latest record to songs from their previous record (revolutions per minute). Tim sounded a little off for the first 4 songs as the mic needed some level adjustment but rolled on right through it until the problem was fixed. Getting the crowd pumped up, I was not the only person to lose my voice. In between songs, the band spoke to the crowd on a personal (not rockstar-ish) level and did not inject too much politics but mostly just expressed their appreciation for everyone that had come out. I personally did not like the PETA people that had a booth set up but at least they didn't harass the crowd too much for signatures and what not. Rise Against did a final encore with 3 songs ending with 'to them these streets belong.' Overall, I have to say that I was impressed with their live act and even had they not played, I would have at least gone just to see The Loved Ones. Great show, and good venue. Now it's bedtime for me.


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