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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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List of Fetishes...

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I was listening to my morning dose of Elliot in the Morning today and they happened to be on the topic of a bondage club in DC that is no more. This brought back fond memories of the days where I worked as set up crew for Dungeon Hawaii. Anyway, I decided to google up a list of fetishes and see what I have been missing. Here is a sample:
The text in bold and the (...) is my comment.

"Bukkake: (Japanese word meaning ‘to pour.’) dozens of men ejaculate onto a woman’s face.( Don't knock it until you've tried it)

Castration Play: Arousal from thoughts/threats around castration (Also see, Jewish Mothers)

Chili Dog: Act of defecating on a woman’s chest and masturbating between her breasts.(My friend in the Navy told me about this one before)

Conga Line: a group sex activity in which men are connected through anal sex.(bum, bum, bum, da, bum, bum *kick*)

Crating: S&M practice in which a master packs his slave in a crate and sends him to friends by post.(Sure, it's illegal when I do it to my kid)

Crush: about stepping on food, insects, toys, or other bodies.(Anyone have a young kid with this problem?)

Disney/Toons: Disney or other commercial cartoon characters depicted engaging in sexual activities.(Gives the parents something to look forward to)

Dirty Sanchez: Giving sexual partner a “moustache” by transferring their feces from anus to under the nose.(Really, you didn't already know?)

Dog in a bathtub: Act of inserting testicles into partner’s anus, so called for being as tricky as its namesake.(That's a new one for me. Have to go down to Dupont Circle and run a poll there)

Docking: Male inserting his penis in the foreskin of another man's penis (tip to tip)(I thought my ipod was the one doing the docking? Damn, now I'm confused)

Electrical (Electro): attraction to playing with electrical current (Also see, Dayne)

Emetophilia: Arousal from vomit or vomiting.(We will get into this again later)

Ero-Manga: Erotic comic strips from Japan.(Aw yeah, Anime freaks)

Shoes: Fetish typically for high heeled womens shoes. (Quite a common fetish)

Smothering: Fetish involving people sitting on your face/body to the point of restricting breathing (Smell my face!)

Snowballing: Sexual play in which one partner drools semen into the mouth of another. (Won't even get into it)

Sploshing: Sexual play involving covering the body with food (especially associated with England, often involving baked beans and molasses).(Where the fuck did those Brits come up with baked beans?!!)

Super-Heros: Sex play involving dressing up as super-Heroes. (I am Aquaman, Defender of the under sea!)

Teabagging: repeatedly dipping the scrotum into a partner’s mouth. (I am more of a mollywhop person, personally)

Uniforms: Fetish for uniforms such as secretaries, doctors, nurses, maids, air hostesses, nuns, military, police, fire fighters... (How's about hot clown sex?)

Upskirt: Sub category of voyeurism typically involving hidden cameras capturing images of women’s underwear from a low angle.(View from the toilet is usually the best)

Vominatrix: A dominatrix who specializes in vomiting on her clients. (That shit is awesome)

Watersports: cf. golden showers- urination play.(Usually does not involve a slip-n-slide)"

The rest of the info can be found here. Enjoy! (you damn deviates)


posted by aL, 10:10 AM


why does every website have the same info and definitions to the exact word??
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:39 PM  
bukake doesnt really mean multiple men are cumming on a woman. one man can cum on one woman and that counts. People assume so many men are required because of that notorious porn.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:37 AM  
bukkake was originally an act performed by all men of a japanese village to a woman who cheats on her husband.

She was buried upto her neck in the dirt, and then men dance around her in a a circle, and all ejactulate on her face.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:06 AM  
lol please note that allof them commented in the middle of the night....hmmm why were they searching fetish lists at 1am.....hmmm i wonder....
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:13 PM  
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commented by Anonymous Tej Kohli, 2:02 AM  
Lol true true. That's a mystery I guess we will never know...
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:17 PM  
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