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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Hotter than Hades...

Friday, August 12, 2005

No, I am not referring to my swash-buckling good looks, or my ability to pierce the gaze of a hot broad at 500 paces amidst a crowd of male supermodels. In all seriousness, today has been hotter than all hell, and this is coming from a guy that spent 2 decades under the sun in Hawaii. OK, so I was not consistently under the sun, but let's not argue semantics today. When I woke up at 2AM to go to work in Dulles VA, it was already hot. If that isn't some sort of awful sign or premonition to what the actual day will be in terms of weather, I don't know what is. On a sidenote, Pat from DCblogs found me through my zombie landscaping blog, so now I am listed under his site. So if you don't want my one-sided spew of life in DC, take a look at DCblogs and you can find a more diverse intersection of life in the DC area.


posted by aL, 4:02 PM


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