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You Look Like I Need a Drink

**Not Quite Web 2.0**

Google Hacks(sic.)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Everyone knows how to use Google to find what they are looking for. Well the word 'everyone' isn't the right word but the first one to come to mind. So you might have heard on the news or on cnn.com that 'hackers' are now using the search engine to discover credit card numbers, sensitive data, and things on the Internet that people thought were restricted from the general public. Truth be told, people have been using Google to uncover hidden data for quite some time now. Today, I will briefly go over some search strings you can add to your next searches to maximize your efficiency and maybe even uncover some things you wouldn't normally find. Go here for a great site to check out for google hacks and to learn about some not so known features of Google.

So for example, you curiously want to see if you can google up some passwords. In Google, you could type something like intitle:"Index of" passwords modified. You are now narrowing the search down to the words 'Index of' within the title search of Google. Chances are, because this search string has already been published, if there were any legit passwords, they are long since null and void as thousands of people have already run the same search. So then what? Well get a little imaginative and change the search query a little and see what happens. Instead of using the phrase 'passwords modified,' try using the word 'passwd.' There are endless possibilities and the more you modify your searches, the better. Not convinced yet? Maybe you have heard of web cam hacks?

Personally, I wouldn't call Google searches a 'hack' but the term has already been coined. Don't forget that while it is very easy to see the stupid blunders others have made on the net, that if you (or your business)have your own site, it is also quite possible that you are also making the same mistakes.


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