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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Find Your Ex (the easy way)

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Yesterday, I very briefly covered some cool things you can do with Google. I forgot to add that you can also search for specific files by using search strings with the words 'filetype' within in your search. But the link on the previous post should be enough to satisfy your file searching appetite.

Moving on, and continuing with search engines, if you have not gone to www.zabasearch.com/ yet, I recommend you go there looking for an old friend (or ex you want to stalk and kil..err, nevermind). The people at zabasearch have modified it since the last time I was using it (about 5 months ago) and now include the use of multiple search engines such as dogpile.com, lycos, alta vista, as well as a few other search engines. When I first found zabasearch, I must have spent close to an hour searching all of my friends, both knowing where they live as well as those I had lost touch with and was curious where they were. Now, zabasearch allows you to run (with a small fee) a background history of the person you are searching (hello, new roomie). Lastly, I would also like to mention that searches with common first and last names are generally harder to find (duh!). I found that some friends with common first and last names were farther down the list whereas people with strange or uncommon last names came up right away. Give it a try and suprise your Ex when you show up on their doorstep at 3AM brandishing a shiny new hatchet!


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