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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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East Coast Assholes

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I took this picture from my car the other day while I was at my bank waiting in line for the ATM. So the car in front of me was finishing a transaction and this woman was standing next to the ATM. At first, I thought it must have been an ATM repair person but she was obviously not dressed in proper work attire so I ruled it out.

As soon as the car in front of me finished their use at the ATM and pulled away, this lady standing right next to the ATM jumped right in front of my car and immediately began her transaction. What the fuck? Honestly, it wasn't like there wasn't another ATM for pedestrians within 5 minutes away. I almost floored my Toyota Tacoma to blow past her and scare the shit out of her but then I started to daydream that it would be oh so much more fulfilling if I had an H2 and just drove over her and the goddamn ATM. Then the East Coast would be short one asshole and I would be rich. See sometimes things do work out for the better. At that point in time, my daydream had finished and the driver behind me was honking his horn to tell me to get the fuck on and to the ATM and the rude lady was long since gone.


posted by aL, 1:32 PM


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