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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Computer Question and Update on Current Project

Saturday, August 13, 2005

So I have let you down. I apologize profusely but it is the nature of the beast (which one I am not sure). My current project is lacking in a few supplies and should be posted tomorrow.
So I spent the rest of the afternoon fiddling on a friend's computer. Let me set up the scenario and maybe someone can help me. So this HP box running XP got its NIC fried by a lightning storm. Prior to that it was working. Apparently Comcast told my friend that the card itself was dead so we put in a new NIC. After starting Windows, it did not detect the new hardware and checking the device manager, the card did not show up. Looking at the LED on the back of the card, I saw that it was not lit. So I tried it in another slot but still not working. The box functions fine otherwise and I told my friend that it was probably a hardware problem. Any ideas?
On a side note. Here is a site that helps you creat these nifty buttons.



posted by aL, 11:42 PM


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