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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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2 Minute Tutorial on Cracking MD5 Hashes With Cain and Abel

Monday, August 08, 2005

So you obtained a Microsoft Database File in which you think is an admin password but are foiled when opening the file to discover that it is encrpted with a MD5 hash. There are a bunch of apps out there that will crack your MD5 hash but today I will cover how to do so quick and painlessly with Cain and Abel.

First, open the file to view the hash.

Next, copy the hash.

Next, fire up Cain and Abel

Click on the 'Cracker' tab and either push the + button to enter your hash or right click on a blank box under the MD5 box to enter in your hash.

Now right click under the 'Password' box to set how you want to crack the hash. Try the dictionary attack first as it is reasonably fast. If that fails, go down the line and try the other attacks. Be patient as harder passwords will take much longer.

If your attack is successful, your cracked hash will be displayed.

Now, go back to the front door and root the box, just kidding.



posted by aL, 12:52 PM


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commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:18 PM  
i found many sites that give md5 coding and decoding like
i do not know how they can decode md5
anyone know a script to decode md5?
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:27 PM  
nice MD5 cracking guide, im going to download cain and abel now
commented by Anonymous Lewis smith, 6:16 AM  
Thanks for this guide.
commented by Anonymous Aparna, 4:15 AM  
great tutorial, Thanks for sharing with us
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Hash cracker is a web-service that allows you to encrypt your passwords
or crack your hashed passwords with MD5, SHA1 or NTLM algorithms.
You can also encode or decode texts with Base64 system.

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