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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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whiskey in a jar...

Friday, July 15, 2005

I am probably in the most gorgeous bandwidth leeching spot I have ever been in my life. So basically after I arrived here in Mass yesterday, my childhood friend Mike (from ouchmyeye.com) picked me up at Boston airport. We spent 5 hours in the car going in and out of Boston hopeless lost but finally made it to his parents' summer house in Cape Cod. Luckily enough it was still not quite dark so we were able to take the boat out and do a little fishing. Anyway I am about 100 yards from the water and sitting at a little picnic table right off of a porch. Life is finally rexlaxing a little for this corporate slave. I will be back in DC tomorrow. I have a post coming up that I am hopeful for and also have been speaking to an old friend Kris from her site at dreamlogic.net. There is a good chance that I will also be submitting some writing for that site, so I will keep you updated. Ok, I am now off to fish and binge drink. Have a good Friday worker bees.
I should have some pictures posted of this trip when I get back to DC


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