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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Spam Filters and the London Underground...

Thursday, July 07, 2005

What a horrible day it has been. After rudely being awoken to the sound of my boss telling me I was late for work, I stumbled out of the house and catching part of the swinging screen door with the back of my left foot, tore out a chunk of flesh. Now shuffling like the undead, I turned on the radio in the car to hear news that London was bombed in numerous locations of their transit. At work, my boss told me that I would be covering for 2 people instead of one (as one is on vacation and one is out sick). After 5 and half hours of work, I headed home at 2pm and stopped by Safeway to get a sandwich at the deli. The deli counter worker looked like a younger (but not much) younger version of Paul Newman, so I thought I would get the hook-up with the pimp sandwich. Well I was wrong. The fucker took 25 minutes to make a sloppy sandwich and couldn't even make the insides of the sandwich stay inside. Needless to say, my day sucked. But there are other people in the world that have much more to lament about so I will cease the bitching. To amuse myself (and you), I have taken a screenshot of an email I have sent to my friend Kaspar. I enjoy tormenting his spam filter by inserting words into my email that will be sure to be red-flagged. I hope your day has gone better than mine. Good luck and good wishes go out to London.



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Fuck you and your fucking spam filter catching phrases! The bane to my existance of receiving email at work!
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