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You Look Like I Need a Drink

**Not Quite Web 2.0**

Kaboodle my Noodle fo Shizzle...

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I thought I would cover an app today used in conjunction with viewing network status and peripherals in a sort of GUI-esque form. It is easier to just take a look at the screen capture on the left of the article. Basically after downloading Kaboodle (which incidentally is a tiny file), upon opening the app it will run a scan (through your range of IPs) and if another computer, printer, or attached device is present on your network, Kaboodle will pull up a little icon of it for. It will display such information as the name of the computer as well as some general information you can get from running a basic nmap scan (notice I wrote the word 'basic' for all you haters!). If you have enabled remote management on another computer on the network, using Kaboodle, you now have remote access to it (ahem, ahem wardrivers). I forgot to mention that Kaboodle is also available on Linux and FreeBSD, and it is free. So what are you waiting for?


posted by aL, 1:16 PM


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