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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Ikea and the Nesting Instincts...

Thursday, July 28, 2005

I consider myself fairly adept when it comes to technical skills so when my better half asked for my assistance with an IKEA project, I was inclined to offer my skills. Having been a veteran of unraveling the mysteries that accompany Ikea furniture construction, I walked into a room with DIY carboard boxes. Because Liz told me it would only take a minute or two to construct, I told myself I would visit slashdot.org later and embarked on my journey to create 2 cardboard boxes complete with a lid, two rope handholds all held together by a multitude of little plastic buttons.
So I zoomed through the construction of the first of the 2 boxes and all was going well. 3/4 of the way finished was when I realized that my thumbs were beginning to take the brunt of all of the snap buttons. My thumbs started to ache and I started to whine like a little bitch. Pushing through the pain and exhaustion, I managed to complete my first cardboard box before flopping on the ground and sobbing while nursing my angry red thumbs. Because I was determined to crank out the second box in half of the time (we Asians are efficient like that), I got the pieces of the cardboard all prepped (making sure to pop out the cardboard holes that were lodged in and never came out when being hole-punched at the Ikea factory). Perserving through agony unknown to mankind, I finished the second and final box. My thumbs are still fucking swolllen but I will be damned if I have to put together another one of those boxes.


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