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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Coulrophobia (fear of clowns)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

My daughter has just learned about the fear. This singular vision of fear was not created by movies she should not have seen, stories her Pop Pop has woven, or even an intangible mysterious fear that 5 year olds talk about when trying to scare one another. Yes, my daughter has always had a small fear of clowns and worms but today, we can add her mother to the list. Like any other bright child, my daughter has concluded that because she watches teenagers on the Disney Channel, she too can act as one. We were quietly playing dominoes when her mother walked in organizing and cleaning the room. Her mother started muttering about what a mess the room was. Rolling her eyes, my daughter said 'Stop whinining.' Now if there is a quick and surefire way to get your ass paddled like a gimp in a fetish club, it is to mouth those exact words to your mother. I dare you to try it after your mother has busted her ass working, then cleaning the house, fixing dinner and it also happens to be the time of the month. I could not find 'fear of mothers' in this site: www.phobialist.com/reverse.html although I was able to find fear of mother in laws. I think some of the funnier ones are ones like the fear of beards, fear of crosses (it burns!!!!), and fear of female genitals (Kolpophobia).
On a side note, I will be heading out to Cape Cod to hang with an old friend for a few days so if I don't get a chance to post, just check back later. peace out.



posted by aL, 2:25 PM


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