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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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black, for the night...

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Strike Anywhere was bloody awesome. We arrived at the Ottobar in Baltimore around 9:45PM and because none of us were particularly interested in the first 2 openers (Tenwatch and the Parktons), we got our drink on in the upstairs bar. Bathed in red light and drinking shots of Jack, we finally got back downstairs to the main part of the club where The Loved Ones were just getting onstage. They put on a good show but the pit was rather lacking in testosterone. After a 35 minute set, Strike Anywhere got on and played a crazy show ending with Sunset on 32nd. Along with the crowd chanting to every song, people in the audience were doing stage dives and backflips into the circle pit. The acoustics could have been a little better as it was a little hard to make out words and even the lyrics (if you didn't know what the lyrics were, you were not going to learn them from hearing them live) but at a venue like the Ottobar, you are not going to expect state of the art, archictecturally designed buildings for the sake of hearing music (unlike operas or theaters). None-the-less, Strike Anywhere put on an excellent show. Amidst the sweat from bouncing on-stage to having fans sing along into the mic, you could tell that they were a well loved band. If you have not gotten a chance to see them yet, I urge you to go out and see them.


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