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You Look Like I Need a Drink

**Not Quite Web 2.0**

Warcelling and the Art of Leeching...

Sunday, July 31, 2005

With the advent of new technology, modders and hackers have come out of the woodwork in masses to ehanace products, tweak them or even just reverse engineering them. Take the PSP for instance. I won't even go into Xbox hacks, and cell phone hacks have been around since the day is long. VOIP is a relatively new idea of using your broadband connection to make phone calls nulling the use of your basic landline. Hell, you can even use Cain and Abel to sniff traffic over VOIP. With WiFi enabled cell phones it will not be too long before you will be able to war drive with your cell phone. Hence, I am dubbing the term "warcelling" for the day that you can whip out your WiFi enabled cell phone, find and access point, connect and make your calls. Imagine netstumbler on your phone or kismet? Scary thought eh?


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You making fun of my windows box?

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Man, if Bill Gates doesn't ever get tired of being the butt end of jokes because of his operating system. After you visit the link and start to feel sorry for Billy, remember that he is wiping his ass with 100 dollar bills while you are eating ramen noodles.


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Sky High and the World of Bad Music...

So once again I am dragged to a movie that I may not have necessarily seen if I had not had a 5 year old but then again, there are many bad movies for kids out that I will refuse to go to. So I took my daughter to see the movie Sky High and it was quite predictable, but still entertaining. And Kelly Preston, what eye candy for a slightly older but hot mommy. I still can't get over the fact that Bruce Campbell played the part of the coach for the school. For some reason I just naturally picture him with one arm as a chainsaw and hordes of the undead. But getting to the point of the post, I was a little surprised to hear a lot of 80's cover songs. Here goes the tracklisting.

Sky High (the soundtrack)
1.Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Christian Burns
2. Save It For Later - Flashlight Brown
3. Can't Stop The World - Ginger Reyes
4. Melt With You - Bowling For Soup
5. Lies - The Click 5
6. Through Being Cool - They Might Be Giants
7. True - Cary Brothers
8. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want - Elefant
9. And She Was - Keaton Simons
10. Just What I Needed - Caleigh Peters
11. One Thing Leads To Another - Steven Straight

Now I love me some 80's songs as much as the next clubgoer, new wave fan or closet freak, but the covers were atrocious. I could do a better cover after downing a bottle of Jack, popping pain killers and then going to a karaoke bar where one of two speakers was blown and hissing static. However, I am glad that at least They Might be Giants was on the soundtrack. Also during the movie, I was able to see an Aquabats poster (old skool!). I can't vouch for the music on the soundtrack not played in the movie, but the ones featured were pretty awful. Sometimes imitation is NOT the sincerest form of flattery.


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Wolf Trap Theater in Virginia...

Friday, July 29, 2005

So my work has me commute 2.5 hours a day to Dulles at 3AM. The upside to things is that I know where the Wolf Trap Theater is. Don't ask me how I am ending up going there to see some Wizard of Oz spin off but it involves my five year old, her mother, and her aunt's plans. It should be fun albeit a change of pace from the Ottobar. I am heading out now but will post again later. Have a good Friday night and stay away from the LSD.


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Ikea and the Nesting Instincts...

Thursday, July 28, 2005

I consider myself fairly adept when it comes to technical skills so when my better half asked for my assistance with an IKEA project, I was inclined to offer my skills. Having been a veteran of unraveling the mysteries that accompany Ikea furniture construction, I walked into a room with DIY carboard boxes. Because Liz told me it would only take a minute or two to construct, I told myself I would visit slashdot.org later and embarked on my journey to create 2 cardboard boxes complete with a lid, two rope handholds all held together by a multitude of little plastic buttons.
So I zoomed through the construction of the first of the 2 boxes and all was going well. 3/4 of the way finished was when I realized that my thumbs were beginning to take the brunt of all of the snap buttons. My thumbs started to ache and I started to whine like a little bitch. Pushing through the pain and exhaustion, I managed to complete my first cardboard box before flopping on the ground and sobbing while nursing my angry red thumbs. Because I was determined to crank out the second box in half of the time (we Asians are efficient like that), I got the pieces of the cardboard all prepped (making sure to pop out the cardboard holes that were lodged in and never came out when being hole-punched at the Ikea factory). Perserving through agony unknown to mankind, I finished the second and final box. My thumbs are still fucking swolllen but I will be damned if I have to put together another one of those boxes.


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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

So here is my quandary. I have a link (I didn't even find it so I cannot take credit for it) but on the page, it says "Against Me! (the stolen demo). Now I love their music so I had to verify the link and I can say that it is legit. There are 8 tracks of songs I have never heard of. Now because I have had the opportunity to meet Against Me! and hang out with them at the Ottobar, I have to say that I have nothing but the utmost respect for them. All great musicians and funny, smart, down to earth people. As such, what I am going to do is if you want the link, email me at neverangel@gmail.com and I will consider sending you the link. It may not be up for much longer as they are also getting an email regarding this. In the meantime, here is a link for some of their live stuff: www.snevesneve.com/am/live%20-%20new%20and%20unreleased/


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Kaboodle my Noodle fo Shizzle...

I thought I would cover an app today used in conjunction with viewing network status and peripherals in a sort of GUI-esque form. It is easier to just take a look at the screen capture on the left of the article. Basically after downloading Kaboodle (which incidentally is a tiny file), upon opening the app it will run a scan (through your range of IPs) and if another computer, printer, or attached device is present on your network, Kaboodle will pull up a little icon of it for. It will display such information as the name of the computer as well as some general information you can get from running a basic nmap scan (notice I wrote the word 'basic' for all you haters!). If you have enabled remote management on another computer on the network, using Kaboodle, you now have remote access to it (ahem, ahem wardrivers). I forgot to mention that Kaboodle is also available on Linux and FreeBSD, and it is free. So what are you waiting for?


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my employee looks like a serial rapist...

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I hate to profile people based on looks and the way they act but I have an employee that was with my company when I started work and a year later, I have once again run into him. The guy looks like he could be a linebacker for the Washington Redskins, but with a dull green/grey eyed glassy look that you only get after doing hard time in the clink. What makes it worse is that this guy only grunts when asked questions and is prone to burst into fits of roaring laughter at random hours of the morning. You tell me you would feel comfortable being stuck in a 60 foot trailer with this guy. I was almost tempted to just bend over and say, "Get it over with, you big beast!"
On a side note, thanks to everyone that went to digg my article on pirating. There are haters but fuck them. And the reason for .rar(ing) the file was that not everyone feels totally safe dll'ing an .exe file.


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Monday, July 25, 2005

I saw a sign on the way home on the side of the road and it read 'remnants $25.00.' I would have stopped to see if they were the remnants of the girl who was abducted in Aruba but I was unable to see the wares. I have submitted an article to digg.com but because of sever issues, the file was not working for a few hours. As such, now my story is buried. If you would help digg this article, I will worship you like some hot chick's feet. Anyway the server issues have been remedied (thanks Kas) and if you want cracksearcher.exe go here and grab it and while you are there, please digg it. Peace out...


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the lonely life of a modern day pirate...

I will not claim to know everything about software pirating, nor am I 1337 enough to create keygens and serials based on algorithms. A site you can go to however, to find software cracks, keygens and serials (needed to unlock paid software)is www.keygen.us. This site is not stuffed full of pr0n with links that you must click first with promises of serials to unlock your app. Google the words 'serials,' 'cracks,' 'keygens,' 'serialz,' and you will find a wealth of information. However, in an attempt to lure you to their site, you may be directed to somewhere shady on the net that you would not normally go. This is where spyware, trojan horses, and malicious script lurks so beware. I have found an alternative to visiting these dark places on the net and the answer is Cracksearcher.exe (file is no longer hosted). This tiny, freestanding app does not need to be installed, is under 20 kb, and is a tiny search engine that does the crawling for you. I have been using this for over a year now and it has found nearly every keygen I have been looking for. Of course if a serial/keygen/crack is not out, it will not find it and you may have to wait or look somewhere else. If anything, download it and give it a try. Good luck.


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Insolent isn't the right word...

...but it is the first word that comes to mind. I am re-assigned back to the DC site (even though it isn't in Washington DC) from Dulles which saves me a great amount of time on the road. This is not my complaint. I have come to realize that the quality of work dimishes as you get closer to DC. I was supervising a trainee today who had the attitude that he knew everything there was to know already and that no matter what I said, it didn't fucking matter. Maybe instead of a pen and clipboard, I should be carrying a cattle prod or tazer. That would make the day fly by.


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black, for the night...

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Strike Anywhere was bloody awesome. We arrived at the Ottobar in Baltimore around 9:45PM and because none of us were particularly interested in the first 2 openers (Tenwatch and the Parktons), we got our drink on in the upstairs bar. Bathed in red light and drinking shots of Jack, we finally got back downstairs to the main part of the club where The Loved Ones were just getting onstage. They put on a good show but the pit was rather lacking in testosterone. After a 35 minute set, Strike Anywhere got on and played a crazy show ending with Sunset on 32nd. Along with the crowd chanting to every song, people in the audience were doing stage dives and backflips into the circle pit. The acoustics could have been a little better as it was a little hard to make out words and even the lyrics (if you didn't know what the lyrics were, you were not going to learn them from hearing them live) but at a venue like the Ottobar, you are not going to expect state of the art, archictecturally designed buildings for the sake of hearing music (unlike operas or theaters). None-the-less, Strike Anywhere put on an excellent show. Amidst the sweat from bouncing on-stage to having fans sing along into the mic, you could tell that they were a well loved band. If you have not gotten a chance to see them yet, I urge you to go out and see them.


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1 hour of fun...

Friday, July 22, 2005

I have just stumbled upon the most awesome site: www.research.att.com/projects/tts/demo.html
Because they are currently testing text to speech technology, it can be somewhat buggy. I found that if you load up some text to be spoken for the first time and hit the 'speak' button, all of your text may not be spoken. DO NOT FEAR for it is being cached or something and when you hit play again, your text will be spoken without errors. Because my 5 year old was with me and laughing up a storm, I was unable to test out words not appropriate for children.



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Ottobar in Baltimore

I love the Ottobar. There, I have said it. The venue is not a brilliant jewel shining in downtown Baltimore nor is it so scuzzy that I am afraid that I will be accidentally poked by a discarded syringe. Against Me! played a show there that was a little more intimate (only a few hundred people) and tonight I will be seeing Strike Anywhere. Expect a longer post when I have come home from the show drunk and ready to ramble on.



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6 degrees and counting...

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I have recently been pretty focused on the tech side of the web but today I am going to send you to a pretty cool site that maps out music, movies, actors, and directors in a weird search where the name you type brings up other entries somewhat related or similar to the original search term. For instance, if I type in System of a Down I get a solar system-esque map with band names like Mudvayne, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Deftones and other bands within a similar genre. Give it a try: www.musicplasma.com.



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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I have posted my first submission for my friend Kris's site at dreamlogic.net. If this is well received, I might post for them more often but I guess time will tell. Check it out and let me know:www.dreamlogic.net/archives/top-5-recommended-web-tools.



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Idiot Savant...

Monday, July 18, 2005

This is going to be a short post today. I am tired from the graveyard shift and in a lousy mood and yet I can't quite pin the reason of why I feel like hell. BUT after seeing this, I am feeling like my day has not been all that bad after all.



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Goodbye to Boston...

Sunday, July 17, 2005

I am back in DC. That sentence deserves no exclamation marks as it is hot and muggy here. However, with my family to greet me here, it makes it less unbearable to be stuck in the middle of a summer thunderstorm. Getting back to Cape Cod and Boston, here is a quick recap: I arrived at Logan airport in Boston on July 14th and after meeting my boy Mike, got lost in the city of Boston amongst the unmarked streets and industrial factories. We finally made it back to his parent's house in Cape Cod 4 and a half hours later. As it was still light out (7:30PM) we hopped on his boat and went fishing. With no luck, we ate a romantic dinner (bloody steak) and the went to go check out the bars. The bars were about as dismal as the ones in Southern Maryland. I won't even begin to go into detail there. July 15th I gathered some touristy things for the kid and wife (well technically not wife) and then went fishing again in the afternoon until I was sunburnt. Because my flight was for 5:50AM and it takes about 1 1/2 hours to get to the airport, we pulled an all nighter watching Wedding Crashers and then some Japanese flick called Ichi the Killer. I got on the plane back to DC tired, took a shuttle to the metro, rode the metro to the Suitland station where I got picked up and after that things are a sleepy haze. Here are a few pictures of my vacation.


A view from the porch

border="0" alt="" />


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whiskey in a jar...

Friday, July 15, 2005

I am probably in the most gorgeous bandwidth leeching spot I have ever been in my life. So basically after I arrived here in Mass yesterday, my childhood friend Mike (from ouchmyeye.com) picked me up at Boston airport. We spent 5 hours in the car going in and out of Boston hopeless lost but finally made it to his parents' summer house in Cape Cod. Luckily enough it was still not quite dark so we were able to take the boat out and do a little fishing. Anyway I am about 100 yards from the water and sitting at a little picnic table right off of a porch. Life is finally rexlaxing a little for this corporate slave. I will be back in DC tomorrow. I have a post coming up that I am hopeful for and also have been speaking to an old friend Kris from her site at dreamlogic.net. There is a good chance that I will also be submitting some writing for that site, so I will keep you updated. Ok, I am now off to fish and binge drink. Have a good Friday worker bees.
I should have some pictures posted of this trip when I get back to DC


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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I have recently been receiving emails about a few of the programs that I listed when covering some network security tools (to put it bluntly, tools for hacking) and I hate to reference myself so after you read this, open up another tab on browser here: www.insecure.org/tools.html. This is a great listing (albeit slightly outdated) but you get a great idea of tools for different operating systems. Because I need to prepare for my trip to Boston, I will only briefly cover Brutus today. Their site www.hoobie.net/brutus/ functions but may not load everything. Once you open the exe file you notice a nice GUI with a number of different functions. You will notice that under 'target,' you must enter the site you are auditing set to port 80. If you have not already figured it, Brutus is a remote online password cracker (via brute force-hence the name). It even has a list built in to reference for users and passwords but if you want to get a little more in depth, google wordlists and use them with Brutus. You may find that your target is more into science. That would be a clear indication to find a science wordlist. Anyone can use google to search for things but when you add strings like 'allinurl' or 'intitle' with your searches you can greatly narrow things down for an easier search. The same goes with password cracking. If you can narrow down a search, by all means save some time and energy. Now moving on I am assuming that you are trying to get into a pr0n site which means you will want to keep your 'type' box as HTTP (Basic Auth). Note that if the site is running PHP, Brutus will not work--or at least I have never had any luck or heard of anyone that has (let me know if I am wrong). Before you hit the 'start' button you may want to proxy your connection for the sake of anonymity. Google up a list of proxies and find one that is fast. If you are wardriving and will never be on this network again, you won't have to proxy (and Brutus will probably run faster anyway) but then again, if you are wardriving and know what you are doing, you probably don't need to be reading this post! Connections and Timeouts are something you will have to learn and adjust on your own as it depends on your connection speed. Stick with the default and make adjustments as necessary. If you are ready, go ahead and hit 'start' to get cracking. EXPECT to wait awhile. If I have forgotten to mention something, sorry. I have some other things that I am pre-occupied with. Also, I have not used Brutus in quite some time. Just remember that there are websites that you visit that keep logs and if the sysadmin decides to check them, you could easily lose your access to the net as well as getting raped by a big gorilla of a man in jail named Bubba. Hack smart and I didn't tell you to do shit...



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Coulrophobia (fear of clowns)

My daughter has just learned about the fear. This singular vision of fear was not created by movies she should not have seen, stories her Pop Pop has woven, or even an intangible mysterious fear that 5 year olds talk about when trying to scare one another. Yes, my daughter has always had a small fear of clowns and worms but today, we can add her mother to the list. Like any other bright child, my daughter has concluded that because she watches teenagers on the Disney Channel, she too can act as one. We were quietly playing dominoes when her mother walked in organizing and cleaning the room. Her mother started muttering about what a mess the room was. Rolling her eyes, my daughter said 'Stop whinining.' Now if there is a quick and surefire way to get your ass paddled like a gimp in a fetish club, it is to mouth those exact words to your mother. I dare you to try it after your mother has busted her ass working, then cleaning the house, fixing dinner and it also happens to be the time of the month. I could not find 'fear of mothers' in this site: www.phobialist.com/reverse.html although I was able to find fear of mother in laws. I think some of the funnier ones are ones like the fear of beards, fear of crosses (it burns!!!!), and fear of female genitals (Kolpophobia).
On a side note, I will be heading out to Cape Cod to hang with an old friend for a few days so if I don't get a chance to post, just check back later. peace out.



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Death to all h4x0rs...Not really

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I spend a good portion of my day crawling the RSS feeds and one of the first sites that I hit is slashdot.org/. I do not consider them the definitive answer to all tech news but I do get an idea of the main headlines of the day. So lo and behold I find out that one of the headlines is titled "Death Penalty for Hackers?" Slightly more than a farfetched and whimsical idea, I think that once again people are looking for a witch to burn. Yes, virii can cause thousands upon thousands of dollars in losses but who in the first place decided not to upgrade a system and not updating with the correct patches? I am at a loss of words. Besides, I have to take my kid to Chucky Cheese.



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permanent insomnia...

Monday, July 11, 2005

Like your everyday tech junkie/gamer/hax0r or online addict, I sleep very little. Combined with a job that throws random hours and shifts at you, I can average a normal 35 hours of sleep per business week to a measly 15-18 hours depending on what is going on in my life and work. Now, I find out that there is a drug that will keep you awake for 40 hours with little to no side effects: realtechnews.com/posts/1525. Do I really need to sleep even less? I am not totally sold on this drug yet. It was not too long ago that meth was prescribed for a myriad of different illnesses. Call it paranoid but US pilots tweaking like an 80 pound crack whore behind a 2 million dollar machine of death puts just a little of the fear in me.



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flied lice...

Friday, July 08, 2005

I happened upon my new favorite site and had to share it with you: www.engrish.com/. My latest fetish/obsession has been non sexual in nature and involves pictures of signs that are incorrectly spelled, have bizarre pictures, make no sense at all, or are funny only for perverted people with a warped sense of humor. That is why this is my new favorite site. Go...www.engrish.com/



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www=world-wide fucked up....

Disillusioned with what a corporate slave I have become. I am disappointed that in this day and age we are still strapping bombs to our torsos, running with passion into a crowd of foreign strangers and blowing them all to bits in the name of religion. I am confused with my purpose in life (if I have already brought a child into this world, I am now rendered obsolete). I am ashamed that I am so narcissistic and gullible to think that people would want to visit this site on a daily basis. In a nutshell, it isn't just about me and if it were, this site would be horribly boring. That is why today I am sending you here: www.weirdpicturearchive.com/ In a world filled to the brim with turmoil, hate, and ugliness, it is nice to know that someone will always have a camera to document madness in its sincerest form. Enjoy...


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Spam Filters and the London Underground...

Thursday, July 07, 2005

What a horrible day it has been. After rudely being awoken to the sound of my boss telling me I was late for work, I stumbled out of the house and catching part of the swinging screen door with the back of my left foot, tore out a chunk of flesh. Now shuffling like the undead, I turned on the radio in the car to hear news that London was bombed in numerous locations of their transit. At work, my boss told me that I would be covering for 2 people instead of one (as one is on vacation and one is out sick). After 5 and half hours of work, I headed home at 2pm and stopped by Safeway to get a sandwich at the deli. The deli counter worker looked like a younger (but not much) younger version of Paul Newman, so I thought I would get the hook-up with the pimp sandwich. Well I was wrong. The fucker took 25 minutes to make a sloppy sandwich and couldn't even make the insides of the sandwich stay inside. Needless to say, my day sucked. But there are other people in the world that have much more to lament about so I will cease the bitching. To amuse myself (and you), I have taken a screenshot of an email I have sent to my friend Kaspar. I enjoy tormenting his spam filter by inserting words into my email that will be sure to be red-flagged. I hope your day has gone better than mine. Good luck and good wishes go out to London.



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I'm late, I'm late...

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

No, I am not pregnant, not even close news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/4624307.stm. But wallowing in the relaxed nature the summer is bringing, I have realized that I have neglected posting. Forgive me. I have been filling in for another person's job at work as well as carrying my own load, and yet I still find time to slack off. I guess that is the creed of the white collared worker. Sure, I think that all higher management are tools and that we could do fine without them but then ironically, I also happen to be in management. Now how does a self professed (from highschool) anarchist end up managing other people? I can't answer that question other than I have bills to pay like everyone else and a family to feed. Check this site, as it probably answers questions better and more eloquently than I do www.anxietyculture.com/contents.htm



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Monday, July 04, 2005

Yes, there are many tools for the modern day script kiddie. And I am not condoning the violating of systems with this post by throwing a few links your way for tools regarding network security or password cracking. What you do with this information is your responsibilty. If you get your ass in a sling with Big Brother, you were probably asking for it. So let's begin.
Scanners:www.snapfiles.com/get/angryip.html, www.foundstone.com/resources/proddesc/superscan.htm

Brute Force: www.hoobie.net/brutus/

Exploits: www.metasploit.com/projects/Framework/

Tools are so widespread and comphrehensive that I could not even begin to creat a list due to cross-platform tools and utilities. The above few were listed for Windows but Linux is where the uber tools are. But if you are not a 1337 h4x0r with *nix, start with windows and see what you can learn. Besides, some of the easiest hacks are right through the frontdoor. The screenshot I have here is admin access with the password guessed in under 6 tries. woot!



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the real skinny on myspace...

Saturday, July 02, 2005

HA! I won't get a chance to post this tomorrow because I will be alongside a pool, inhaling the wafting smoke of burnt meat and cooling my parched throat with a cold beer. But I do feel the need to update now because I came across something so funny that I had to add it. Basically myspace.com is the next version of Friendster. Sure this trick has been done many times over but shit, it is still funny evertime I see it. Check this out. I grabbed some screenshots because I am pretty sure that profile is coming down. If the link still works, go www.myspace.com/letspartyhard
and check the blog titled 'new pics.'

When will people learn?


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comfortably numb...

Friday, July 01, 2005

I am so glad that it is Friday and that we have an extra day off due to July 4th. Yes, I will most likely be doing the same thing every other red-blooded American will be doing- amateur porn and BBQ's. What you say? No porn? Ok. Well how about just the BBQ's. Besides, everyone knows that Asian men in pr0n just doesn't fit the equation. Before I get into a wild tangent about pr0n, let me get back to the post that I had intended. I am willing to admit that in my high-school years I dabbled in some recreational chemicals (thanks BKF). Well I stumbled into this site today that is both breathtakingly bizarre, and at the same time simplistic to the point of addiction. I really cannot describe it in better terms. I hate to say the cliched, 'it's an experience' thing but be damned it is. So go: www.vectorpark.com/
now back to pr0n--just kidding. Have a good long weekend and watch out for the cops.



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