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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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people are strange...Hon Fest 2005

Sunday, June 12, 2005

So i am now fully recovered from my trip to Baltimore yesterday for Hon-Fest 2005. i have been receiving many questions as to what this Hon-Fest thing is. being my first experience, i also inquired as to its origins and what it stood for. bascially it's a lot of drunk people with tattoos, beehive hairdos and funny looking glasses from the 50s. i should have a couple of pictures up by next week but dont hold your breath. around 4 blocks in the city were blocked off, filled to the brim with local merchants, artists and freaks showing off and selling their wares. being that the humidity brought the temperature up to 90 degrees (although it felt like 95 degrees), many tried to cool off with heavly dosages of cheap beer and misting tents. i even saw a few dogs (first attempt i typed 'gods') chilling under the misting tents. those brave (or drunk enough), gave a try at spam bowling while taking breaks from stuffing their gullets with pit roast. the ages of the crowd and demographics ranged from older well dressed couples to an occasional meth-head or anorexic young teen. many sported tattoos and one almost felt that if you didnt brandish a tattoo, you were not privy to insider knowledge. kids and dogs walked scoped the lower half of the crowds and there were more colors displayed than a major acid trip.
In short, i had a great time. If something could be done to the heat, it would have been a magnificent event. i would recommend anyone to go, if you are into seeing new and interesting things you would not normally be exposed to.



posted by aL, 12:39 PM


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