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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

No, I am not referring to the band that made it big in the 80's. I am referring to mass movement of East Coast people during the summer months. When I first moved here, I noticed a plethora of stickers with with the letters 'OBX' on them. Finally cracking the code years later, I have also come to the dawning realization that the thing to do out here is to plan a vacation to the beach during the summer months. Here are some places that I have been told about. Virginia Beach, the Outer Banks (OBX-yeah I cracked that code good), Myrtle Beach and Rehoboth Beach. What the fuck is all the excitement about beaches?? I thought everyone (like me) has spent the last 2 decades living in Hawaii. I guess not. Anyway, what I was getting to was that if you are one of the few DCers left behind, with Google's new technology called 'Google Earth', you can now keep tabs on your friends whether they are trying to solicit gay sex down in Roboboth Beach or if they are relaxing on the beach in Hawaii trying to avoid washed up syringes. This is where you want to go earth.google.com/ for information on Google's new program. Unfortunately, it has reached maximum capacity for downloads but I am going to stop by my friendly neighborhood wireless access point and see if I can't find it on limewire.
Feel free to send me a link if it is mirrored somewhere else.


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